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BuyBackQueen began as an expansion of LaptopUniverse. Laptop Universe started in 1999 in the dawn of e-commerce. Distributing computer parts to computer manufacturers and suppliers. As business grew more and more products were added to the shelves.

In 2012, Laptop Universe noticed the need for iPads and iPhones. Vendors were contacting us asking if we sold anything. We began buying refurbished and returned smartphones and tablets from big box retailers, but the demand was greater than what we could get our hands on and we sought out yet another outlet channel to buy electronics directly from consumers that had already bought new versions and had unwanted products filling up their desks, dressers, and closets.

So we launched. We knew there were well established businesses that already built a brand and a reputation buying used electronics directly from consumers. It was not difficult to notice how low their offers were and reading the reviews of poor customer service we knew we could do better.

All the pieces of a well established business were in place. We already had the customer support, the warehouses, the systems to control and manage everything efficiently so we knew we could offer better prices and better support.

Since we started in 1999 in a basement testing and selling computer parts. Our business flourished and was centered around e-commerce, but we noticed that there was a greater need for re-commerce. There was millions of unwanted electronics laying around filling up landfills, dressers, and desks. But we knew they still had a value if put in the right hands... Our hands.

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